October 7-November 13, 2022

A play with music co-created by Satya Jnani Chávez & Andrew Rosendorf with translations by Mari Meza-Burgos.

Production team: Satya Jnani Chávez (she/they; Co-Director/Music Director) will lead the creative team alongside Valen-Marie Santos (she/her; Co-Director). The production will feature the work of Jose Alexander (he/they; Scenic Designer), Trey Brazeal (he/him; Lighting Designer), Jazmin Aurora Medina (she/her/ella; Costume Designer), Lonnae Hickman (she/her; Properties Designer), Stefanie Senior (she/her; Sound Designer), Josiah Croegaert (he/him; Production Electrician), Isaac Mandel (he/him; Audio Engineer), Molly Smith (they/them; Production Manager), and Peyton Cooper (she/her; Stage Manager).

Featuring: Tatiana Bustamante (she/they), Bill Kalinak (he/him), Devon Carson (she/her), Juan Gonzalez Machain (he/him), Marcela Ossa Gómez (she/her), Laura Murillo Hart (she/her), Bridgett Martinez (she/her), Laura Quiñones (she/her), Andres J. DeLeon (he/him), Aida Palma Carpio (she/her) and Eustace Allen (he/him).

Refuge weaves passionate and driving original music with the charm of artistic puppetry to share a bilingual tale of determination, grit, and hope.