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We believe in advocating for the expansion of Fictive Kinship among all people. Theo pushes beyond the bounds of blood and marriage to broaden our support networks, create a sense of community investment and responsibility, and seek to positively impact our social environments. 


We understand that quality does not come easy. It requires more than talent; it requires dedication and time. We are forever grateful for the work all our artists invest in every production and thankful to our patrons who allow us to fund every artist’s investment. 


We want every artist to be proud of the final product the Ensemble presents. In the same vein, we want all patrons to be proud in their support of our work. It is crucial to us that in our spaces, everyone is proud of their voice. Thus, Theo strives to create a forum where we can share our varied perspectives derived from our diverse backgrounds without dismissing each other’s truths. 


We strive to emulate and exude three of the Greek variations of love: 

Love of the self
Deep friendship
Love of everyone

It is through self-security and love of the self that we learn to extend our love and compassion to others. Deep friendship gives us the courage to stand up for our friends and sacrifice our own comfort to uplift. Love of everyone allows us to look beyond our own social spheres and take that next step in exuding a “universal loving kindness” when we have no personal stake in the outcome. 

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