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Our Sponsors and Support

We are thrilled by the support of our generous patrons and benefactors. The following represents gifts made between January 1st, 2021 – May 15th, 2022.  If you feel you have been inadvertently left off the list, please contact Christopher Pazdernik at

Theo Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors!
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Executive Producer’s Circle: $5,000+ 

Ann and Richard Carr

Mary Alice and Peter J. Costello

Jean Klingenstein

Alice and Gregory Melchor

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Pritzker-Taubert Foundation

Producer’s Circle: $2,500-4,999 


Jim and Sue DeLapp

The Saints

Associate Producer’s Circle: $1,000-2,499 


Alan F. and Carol Ross Barney

Bob and Emily Carroll

Pat & Jim Corirossi

Jill Gardner & Merle Shapera, In honor of Fred and Jeremy

Dolcye Johnson

Paul and Patty McCarthy

Mary & Ben Page

Sophia Sieczkowski

Dariel Stack

Lisa and Randy White

Dr. Gary Willer

Ann Winship

Director’s Circle: $600-999 
Patron’s Circle: $250-599 


Richard and Andrea Amend

Katie Beeks

Daniel Bender

William and Susan Berg

Bonnie Bush & John Peart

Ruth Fuerst and James Block


Carl Herzog

Hillis Howie, Jr. and Margaret Shaklee

James Huttenhower & Phillip Tommey

Arnie and Debby Johnston

Jon Klein & Susan Cohn

Bob & Judy Kucera

Jeanne LaDuke

Jack & Georgia Leese

Alice and John Medenwald

Sarah Meyer and Charles Brooks

Karla Petersen

Ann Rainey and Gary DeClark

Daryl Ritchie

Samuel Ross

Krista Simons Gliva

John Slawson

Julian Steinberg

Susan Turner

Bob Webb

Sponsor’s Circle: $100-249 


Susann Ball

Janice T. & Richard G. Berggreen

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Rachel Cantzler and Drew Grein

Sharon Carlson

Louie Chua

Cathy Crabbe

Lisa Disch

Myra Epping & Jim Redlich

Jay and Elissa Fisher

Jack Franaszek & Kathleen McQueeny

Judith Freeman

Gary and Virginia Gerst

Ethel & Bill Gofen

Lorinda Grogg

Barry & Merle Gross

Don & Joanna Gwinn

Greg Hamill & Brian Bossert

Diane Hires & Bill Crowther

Linda Jenewein

Ruth Johnston

Lori & Gary Kash

Susan Klingenstein

Margaret Kritzler

Jean Kroll

Richard Lanyon

Robert Laubach

Maureen Lawler

Joanne and Craig Leslie

Paul Lisnek

Fran Locks

Michael McGuire

Tom and Marianne Moberly

Diane Meiborg and Roger Zacek

Susan and Alan Melsky

Sue Pastin

David & Carole Perlman

Dale Roberts

Paul and Jill Schoenwetter

Schwab Charitable

Linda Scussel

James Shaeffer and Lynn Hughitt

Caryl Morris Steinberg

Ruth Stevig

Donna  Tamosauskas

Harold Taylor

Scott Wechsler

Sheila Wilson

Tina Yarovsky

Donor: Under $100 


John Adams

Audrey Beasley

Rosana Diaz

Joshua Dlouhy

Megan Elk

Susan Elster-Jones

Bill Esler

Larry Fisher

Michael Frankenstein

Kathryn Gallanis

Barbara and Clifford Ganan

Richard Ginsburg

David Gitomer

Ada Grey

Hugh Griffin

Victoria Hathaway

Margaret Herring

Fern Josephs

Kristina Kostopoulos

Kerim Leto

Mark V Leybovich & Irina Kossova

Lee Lichamer

Bernie & Ross Litton

Patricia Mackin

Frederick Mahaffey

Donald McKay

Stephen Modde

James Nathan

Network for Good

Elaine Prescott

Karin Ruetzel

Eve Schwartz

Karen Shankman

Andrew Simon

Marshall Sparberg

Hugh Spencer

John Twombly

Kathleen Wall

Diane Weil

Anne Wrider

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