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Audition Notice for A Little Night Music

Pay Rate: $750
Audition Date and Time: Submissions Due by Monday, October 30
Contact Person Email: [email protected]
Contact Person Name: Christopher Pazdernik, Casting Director

Sondheim creates a stunning tour de force when he takes Ingmar Bergman’s comedy of manners, Smiles of a Summer Night, and turns it into a musical of masterful execution and elegance. Winner of four Tony Awards, this is a musical work that has forever entranced the world of theatre.

Directed by L. Walter Stearns
Music Directed by Eugene Dizon

Material to Prepare:
Please submit video with 32 bars (approx. 1 minute) of a Sondheim or legit/classical song, formatted as follows:

– Include your Full Name ONLY as the Subject Line of the email
– Put link to your video in the body of the email (no downloads or passwords, please!)
– Attach your headshot/resume as a *single PDF file*, labeled as LastName_FirstName
Submissions are due by Monday, October 30 to [email protected]

Time Commitment:
In-Person Callbacks: November 13 & 14 (by invitation only)
Rehearsals/Tech: April 15 – May 23 (evenings/weekends)
Previews/Brush-Up Rehearsals: May 24 – June 1
Opening: Sunday, June 2
Performances: June 6 – July 14, 2024 (Thurs/Fri/Sat @ 7:30; Sun @ 6)
All rehearsals & performances at Theo, 721 Howard St, Evanston

Character Type/Restrictions:
Theo is committed to casting our productions in a way that reflects our community and therefore encourages performers of all genders, ages (18+), ethnicities and identities to submit! For gender-fluid and non-binary performers, any genders listed in character descriptions are that of the character only, and you are encouraged to submit for any roles you are interested in!

Fredrika Armfeldt
Desiree’s witty daughter who is very self-contained and formal with the precise diction of the convent-trained.
Vocal range: C4 – Eb5

Madame Armfeldt
Desiree’s elderly mother; brutally honest and a veteran of discreet encounters with the crowned heads of Europe.
Vocal range: C3 – F#4

Henrik Egerman
Fredrick’s gloomy son. He is serious but confused, as he studies for the Lutheran priesthood.
Vocal range: G3 – B4

Anne Egerman
Giddy and virginal; naive at times. A breathtakingly gorgeous child bride and Fredrick’s new wife.
Vocal range: G#3 – Ab5

Fredrick Egerman
Middle-aged lawyer who is married to his second wife, Anne, and has a son, Henrik, from his first marriage.
Vocal range: A2 – E4

Anne’s earthy maid and closest confidante. She seizes every moment to rustle in the hay.
Vocal range: F#3 – F5

Desiree Armfeldt
A self-absorbed, once-successful actress now touring the country-side. She becomes entangled in a love triangle with the Count and Fredrick.
Vocal range: F#3 – Ab5

Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm
Vain, arrogant, and splendidly proportioned but ferociously jealous. He is Desiree’s newest lover.
Vocal range top: G3 – F#4

Countess Charlotte Malcolm
The Count’s manic depressive, mistreated and downtrodden wife.
Vocal range: G3 – F5

Frid, butler
Vocal range: bass/baritone

Malla, maid
Vocal range: legit soprano

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